“How can organizational decision makers be persuaded to invest in cris…

“How can organizational decision makers be persuaded to invest in crisis

That’s one of the most frequent questions asked by readers of Jonathan Bernstein’s international email newsletter, “Crisis Manager,” one nowanswered — in depth and definitively –by the information contained in “The Case for Crisis Preparedness: Why Organizations MUST Keep Crises from Becoming Disasters.”

This 70-slide PowerPoint presentation is co-authored by Phil Cogan, former deputy director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Office of Emergency Information and Public Affairs. It is organized into modular sections that can be rearranged, excerpted or
added to in a manner that’s most appropriate for any given organization, and includes detailed presenter notes.

The seven modules are:

¤ The Cost of Crisis
¤ The State of Business Preparedness
¤ Why Business Fails to Prepare
¤ Why Business Should Prepare
¤ Corporate Crisis of Confidence
¤ Why Crises Need Not Become Disasters
¤ How to Improve Our Crisis Resistance

Bernstein, who is also president of Bernstein Crisis Management LLC, a national consultancy, says, “We’ve provided bottom-line statistics, research results, examples and easy-to-understand rationale whichshould work equally well at a for-profit or not-for-profit

The presentation sells for $150.00 and can be purchased as a download or a CD-ROM at http://www.thecrisismanager.com. All purchasers will receive free updates for one year from the date of their purchase.

[Note to Journalists: A review copy can be made available]

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