How Dog Training Advice Helps People Too!

Dog Training AdviceDogs are amazing animals, which is one reason why we like them as pets, but in doing our dog training we can also learn a great deal from dogs ourselves.

For instance, this article from the Chicago Tribune showed how dog training can help disadvantaged adults.

Marty Sullivan (right)
The article noted that along with learning a skill, the trainers are gaining self-esteem, memory recall, problem-solving skills, socialization and a sense of giving back to the community. But you don’t need to be disadvantaged to benefit because many of these skills are things that any of us can and do learn from training dogs.

“These guys come out of here feeling good and the dogs get adopted,” said Marty Sullivan, a dog trainer from Sertoma who, with his wife and helper, Heide, is volunteering his expertise free of charge at Sertoma. “It’s a win-win for us, too, because we feel good when we leave at night,” he said.

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