How James Bond Creator Ian Fleming’s Advice May Herald Your Own ‘James Bond’ Job

How James Bond Creator Ian Fleming's Advice May Herald Your Own 'James Bond' Job 2

Ian Fleming may be known as the creator of James Bond but when it came to work and career advice the famed author was someone who took risks in his own careers, ensuring that
opportunities were not wasted but were grasped with both hands.



A reporter who had worked at Reuters, covering a Moscow show trial that took advantage of his
smattering of Russian, he also needed money which necessitated his changing from his progressing journalism career to work for stockbroking firm Cull & Company.

However, his interest in foreign affairs and particularly in the darker side of foreign affairs continued to attract his interest, leading him to work with Naval Intelligence where the origins of James Bond were developed for their later exposure through his multitude of Bond novels.

Following the Second World War he returned to newspapers where his foreign affairs interests saw him continue to work closely with the world of intelligence and the spies that inhabit that universe.

The key for Fleming was to embrace opportunity.

Accept new challenges and go with what interests you, which is something that provides an opportunity in the intelligence world now with a new role on the LawFuel Jobs network.

The New Zealand Intelligence Service currently seeks a lawyer to work with the SIS legal team in fascinating and important work.

Closing shortly, the role involves providing legal and risk management advice and involving some highly sensitive intelligence work and related areas that also provides a stimulating career with significant prospects for advancement.

The role can be seen here.
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