How Lawyers Can Get Into Google’s Brain

Understanding the brain

From the LawFuel Blog –

how lawyers can use google to market effectivelyOne of the best things you can do if you want to succeed with Google is to get into Google’s brain.  See exactly what the Giant wants, from the inside.


There are some steps you can take to serve up what Google wants: to actually deliver high value content that demonstrates their passion for their business just as you’re demonstrating passion for yours.

There are literally billions of people searching the web everyday and Google take in the thick end of two-thirds of those searches.  So you have to be there.

Sure, Bing and on the comeback and Facebook (with Bing, too) are making moves into the search area, but Google remain the main game in town.  So you have to take notice and give them what they want.

Besides, any rival like Bing and Yahoo! are also largely wanting exactly the same things and your website rankings will improve by delivering good, high value content.

 The Search Machine

How exactly does Google and its ever-changing algorithms actually work?

 You can search Google’s own resources and check out this interactive graphic to see how their search engine works.  

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