How Lawyers Can Land Software Companies as Clients

Research & Markets – In this webinar, ExecSense examines everything you need to know in 60 minutes regarding the best ways to land software companies as clients in the current economy. The webinar is led by an expert on the topic, Jennifer Bergenfeld, Esq. (Senior Counsel, Telx), and covers

– What every lawyer should know in 60 minutes about landing software companies as clients, and why software companies are especially open to new representation right now due to numerous new types of legal issues they are all dealing with

– Learn how to use social media to position yourself and/or your firm as experts in the software industry; offering free webinars on your area of expertise to display your knowledge on hot topics impacting the software industry; joining LinkedIn groups for software executives; and 5 other techniques to immediately put yourself in front of software executives

– The best professional networking strategies to get connected with software executives, including using LinkedIn, blogs, marketing databases, and leveraging existing personal and professional relationships with ties to software executives

– Specific case studies of how 5 lawyers have recently landed software companies as clients, what specific services they offered that were most appealing to these companies, and their best tips and techniques you can immediately implement to land software companies as new clients right now

Upon registering, ExecSense will email you the dial-in phone number and all of the other relevant information and files to attend the webinar. You will also automatically be emailed the audio and PowerPoint files the day after the webinar in case you were unable to attend the live webinar (registration prior to live event still required). You can view the webinar on your computer, iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and many other devices.

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Online Access (Single User) : EUR 268
Online Access (1 – 5 Users) : EUR 803
Online Access (1 – 10 Users) : EUR 1605
Online Access (Enterprisewide) : EUR 3210

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