How To Build Up SEO Based Article Directory

Try to think like your reader. When you think like your reader, you’ll zero in on the types of keywords the reader is looking for. When writing for print publications, study the publication itself. Then you’ll understand the needs of the publication. When you’ve finished your research, it’s time to write your free article. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll have enough information now to simply flesh out each of the points you’ve written.

Writing free articles is an easy way to promote your business, but with enough practice, you can also use it as a way to make extra money for your business, whether you’re a writer or not. You can write just about any article, even an eBook, for fun and profit if you know the rules for writing great free articles. These are the basic rules used by broadcast journalists to construct short, information-packed, free articles.

Writing free articles is nothing more than common sense coupled with a spell-checker program and a little imagination plus the rules about to be shared with you. These are rules known by all good writers and no one invented them. They were taught to us and we simply use them every day. Here they are:

“Tell them what you are going to tell them”

“Tell them”

“Tell them what you told them”

You need to learn the art of re-writing lots and lots of stories, reorganizing the facts, creating your own catchy headlines. But most importantly, apply the “3 Rules” to every free article. Once you have written a free article, you will gain some confidence. Go ahead and show it to your friends and relatives for critique. Follow the 3 Rules for several months, and Practice, practice, practice! Determination and practice helps to become a successful free article writer.

Although the internet is bombarded with article directory, how many of those free articles really get read? It’s not enough to write what you think is a good free article; you have to want to write free articles others want to read.

Choose keywords that really explain what your free article is about. Include them in the headline of your free article, as well as in the body several times. When including keywords in the body of your free article, they should make sense. Don’t just jam your free article with keywords. Including them three to five times should be enough. When adding your article to your website, optimize it for the search engines. There are plenty of tools on the internet you can use to optimize your free articles that make it easy. Not only does optimizing your free article for the search engines give you a better chance of ranking, but it makes your free article different. This is important because there’s been a lot of talk about duplicate content. By optimizing your free article, your article directory will be different enough you won’t have to worry about the duplicate content penalty.

You don’t have to be a search engine genius to get your free articles to rank well. Just write free articles people want to read and submit them where others can find them. You’ll get read.

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