How To Start A Scentsy Candle Business

To start your own Scentsy Candle Business you first need to purchase a Scentsy Starter Kit. This kit is $99 and includes a Scentsy warmer, Scent Buddy, 80 scent samples, 50 catalogs, scent circle, travel tin, Scentsy bar, room spray, 100 order forms, and much more. It is an incredible value with over $200 worth the products and supplies included. Once you get your starter kit, you can log in to your Scentsy workstation. On the workstation you can personalize your replicated website with your photo, contact information, Scentsy story and much more. This website is a great tool, as you can sell product online through this website and also hold online parties.

As a new Scentsy consultant, you will want to look professional in your candle business. The new consultant will need business cards, labels to personalize their catalogs and products, and maybe even some Scentsy wear. The more you can advertise your business the more prospects you will have! Once your Scentsy starter kit arrives, you can start to plan your launch party. Your launch party is a way to announce to everyone you know that you are now in business and would like to share your business with them. You will send out invites in the mail, on face book, through email, or door to door. The most popular type of home party is an open house style. When you have an open house, the customers are able to arrive within a window of time that is convenient for them. As guests arrive, the consultant will show the Scentsy products to them and explain how the Scentsy warmer works. Once the guests have been shown the products, they are now able to go to the scent table, where they can smell all of the 80 available scents.

An important part of a consultant’s launch party is to get bookings for new parties. These bookings will ensure the continuing success of the consultant’s business. There is an advantage for the hostess to get bookings. She can earn an extra half price item for each booking she gets. Once the launch party is over, it is time for the new consultant to pursue other ways of selling their products and recruiting. It is important to go to businesses the consultant supports and let them know she is selling Scentsy. This would include doctor offices, dentist offices, insurance agents, the vet, etc. These types of businesses love Scentsy because of the safety of the products. Most businesses cannot have an open flame with their fire code, so Scentsy is the perfect alternative.

A very important part of your Scentsy business is to starting recruiting right away. By sharing the Scentsy business opportunity with everyone you can, you will begin to build a team and also give others a chance to start their own candle business. As you build a team, you will earn bonus on your personal sales and on the sales of your team members. By building a down line, you will be able to increase your income and make this business a full time career if you wish,

As the consultant’s business develops, there are many other ways she can promote her business. Consultants can have a booth at a fair or show; do online marketing, fundraising, etc. The possibilities are endless with Scentsy. If you would like to learn more about starting your own Scentsy candle business, please contact me at

This article was written by Lisa Murdock Independent Scentsy Director.

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