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Report Summary
Business Insights forecasts the global savory snacks market to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during 2009–14 to reach $95bn in 2014. The increasing sophistication of consumer demand will force manufacturer innovation and drive this market growth.
The report examines the growth of the savory snacks market with forecasts to 2014. New product development is analyzed by region and category and emerging trends are illustrated, thereby enabling manufacturers to identify growth opportunities. Key products launched between June 2006 and May 2010 are also summarized.

Scope of the report
Predict future growth areas in savory snacks based on this report’s forecasts to 2014 of market value by category and region.
Improve the targeting and effectiveness of your NPD strategy based on the analysis of over 6,000 products launched between 2006-09.
Identify key trends that are shaping the savory snacks market and examine the key market drivers to 2014.
Understand the key factors driving the growing sophistication of consumer demand.
Understand how regulation and other market pressures are influencing NPD and learn how manufacturers are adapting product positioning

Highlights of the report
The global savory snacks market was valued at $77bn in 2009, an increase of 5.3% over 2008. In Europe and the US, the market is being driven by the health conscious and time constrained consumers.
The industry wide trend to reduce fat, sodium and sugar in snacks has led to the development of trans-fat free products, calorie-counted portion packs as well as the addition of nutritious ingredients such as whole grains. Other leading trends covered in this analysis include functional snacks, sports and energy products and natural snacks.
Over the next 10 years, the OECD expects that a net total of 1.2bn people in the Asia-Pacific region will be born into or move into the global middle class. This will represent the largest single expansion in consumer spending power ever recorded.

Key questions answered by this report
What is the size of the savory snacks market by region and category up to 2014?
Which geographic regions and countries will achieve significant growth in savory snack sales during 2009–14?
What are the significant growth opportunities within the savory snacks market?
What are the key factors driving the growth of global savory snack markets?
What are the main trends that will shape the savory snacks market over the next five years?

Table of Contents
About the author 2
Disclaimer 2
Executive summary 9
Market drivers and resistors 9
Growth opportunities in the savory snacks market 10
Innovation and NPD in the savory snacks market 11
Key trends and product examples 12

Chapter 1 Introduction 13
What is the report about? 13
The market defined 13
Report structure 14

Chapter 2 Market drivers and resistors 15
Summary 15
Introduction 16
Changing consumer demand 16
Ethical consumerism 17
Sustainability and local sourcing 17
Fairtrade and organic 19
A move to expectations of positive health 20
Health concerns 20
Self medication and performance culture 21
The impact of the aging population 22
Consumer sophistication changing influences and expectations 23
Sophistication being driven out of emerging markets 23
Mass customization 24
Broader influences and changing expectations 26
New pressures on manufacturer innovation 31
Market competition 31
Private label 31
Pressure to premiumize 33
Regulation and legislation 34
Trans fats 34
Industry self-regulation 35
Advertising restrictions 36
Food safety 37

Chapter 3 Growth opportunities in the savory snacks market 39
Summary 39
Introduction 40
Savory snacks market overview 40
Value by geography 42
Value by country 44
Value by category 45
Value by subcategory 47
The savory snacks market in Europe 49
The savory snacks market in the US 51
The savory snacks market in Asia Pacific 52
Emerging markets for savory snacks 54

Chapter 4 Innovation and NPD in the savory snacks market 56
Summary 56
Introduction 57
Innovation type 57
Regional analysis 58
Asia Pacific 60
Europe 63
North America 67
Category analysis 71
Category overview 71
Other savory snacks 73
Potato chips 74
Nuts and seeds 76
Processed snacks 78
Popcorn 78
Packaging analysis 80
Packaging overview 80
Changing position of savory snacks 83
Flavor trends 85

Chapter 5 Key trends and product examples 87
Summary 87
Introduction 88
Health 89
‘Natural’ 89
Wellness snacks 90
Vegetable, fruit and nut snacks 91
Baked snacks 92
Dehydrated snacks 93
Freeze-dried snacks 94
‘Free-from’ snacks 95
Reduced fat and salt snacks 96
Functional snacks 97
Superfoods 97
Energy snacks 99
Fortified snacks 100
Detoxifying snacks 101
Weight management 102
Portion control 102
Low glycemic ingredients and satiety 103
Indulgence 104
‘Ethnic’ snacks 105
Intensely flavored snacks 109
Gourmet snacks 110
Sustainability and food safety 111
Chapter 6 Conclusions 114
Five key trends for the future 114
‘Naturally’ functional 114
Convenience 114
‘Ethnic’ snacks 116
Ethical packaging 116
Targeting specific consumer segments 116

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