I-TermPaper.com Writer Gets Second Graduate Degree, in Sociology, at the Company’s Expense

Last week, a young man accepted a diploma in Sociology – and was greeted with congratulations and applause from his professors, family, and peers. Why is this noteworthy? He was a I-TermPaper.com colleague, for one reason. He completed this course of study with the help of I-TermPaper.com’s tuition reimbursement program, for another reason. Finally, this is noteworthy because this was his second graduate degree!
I-TermPaper.com has made a point of employee development since its founding several years ago. Many of our staff have taken advantage of our tuition reimbursement program. They have pursued coursework in a variety of fields, to increase the breadth and depth of their expertise. We are particularly proud, however, of our young associate who stuck with it through two tertiary education programs.
He was among the first to join our ranks, when I-TermPaper.com started offering custom writing services online. He has worked steadily towards, first, a degree in History, and then, this subsequent degree in Sociology. We are not quite sure what he will be doing with this training, but we certainly hope and expect that he will continue to share his intelligence and insight with I-TermPaper.com’s customers.
In addition to our recent graduate, I-TermPaper.com has a whole team of highly qualified writers, editors and researchers, from all sorts of backgrounds and fields. For years now, we have been building our staff by recruiting bright folks and then subsidizing their training, as in the case of our newly minted sociologist/historian.
More information on I-TermPaper.com’s news, programs, and services can be found at our webpage, http://i-termpaper.com. You can view our prices, chat with a service assistant online, and look at writer profiles, 24/7.
This group of talented people can help anyone with any writing task at all. Whether you are in need of careful, thoughtful editing, or a model essay to help you organize your thoughts, or help in producing an article or oral presentation, I-TermPaper.com is there to assist you. You can count on our staff to help you become a better researcher and writer yourself.
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