Immigration Law Firm Alexandra Lozano – Serving Clients in 50 States – New Listing on LawFuel Directory

Immigration Law Firm Alexandra Lozano - Serving Clients in 50 States - New Listing on LawFuel Directory

Latino focus and smart marketing helps immigration law firm deliver case-winning service

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law works to amplify its service by providing a simple process for clients working hard to supply for their families and lives. Rather than enforcing a cutthroat, toxic legal environment, the firm works to serve its clients in an advocate-based environment.

Abogada Alexandra provides service to clients in all 50 states with a level of personal attention and accessibility that leads to results. Her mission is to achieve legal status for her clients by helping them acquire their papers. There is an emphasis on serving the Latino community within the United States to achieve wins in even the most complex cases.

Why Choose Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law?

This firm has helped thousands of clients achieve legal status in the United States. Abogada Alexandra brings expertise to her cases that succeed against the odds. Helping clients win cases that other lawyers may have turned down or deemed impossible to win.

The key to a seamless process with Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is enabling clients to achieve their legal status without leaving the United States. The convenience and ease of the process present this firm as an ideal choice for individuals in need of assistance.

Abogada Alexandra’s Experience

Abogada Alexandra has thorough experience in immigration law and is an award- winning lawyer in her pursuit of justice for immigrants. With nearly 15 years of practicing experience in this specialty, you can count on her to be well-versed in the  process.

Not only has she been practicing since 2008, but she is also the Founder and CEO of Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, PLLC. Additionally, Abogada Alexandra founded the international lawyer network Amiga Lawyers, LLC.

Her experience also includes groundbreaking success in VAWA I-360 cases. She has had success working on T Visas for human trafficking victims and other complex cases of relief post-deportation and post-criminal convictions. Solely practicing immigration law to devote her energy to current and up-to-date knowledge of laws and practices.

Her focus is specifically on the ins and outs of regulations, national statutes, and changing legal precedents that govern immigration into and deportation from the United States.

As a result, her clients get the assurance of having legal counsel dedicated to the specific cases at hand.

The Scope of Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm is the largest humanitarian immigration law firm in the United States. The firm handles hundreds of immigration law cases each year, and their clients repeatedly see positive results.

Abogada Alexandra has won awards, including the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Sam Williamson Mentor Award, and the Seattle University School of Law Alumna Award. Not only does this firm work to win cases, but they also care about advocating for immigrants’ rights after a case is won.

Some of the services provided by the firm include work on:
● U-Visas – visas for victims of criminal activities who have also suffered
psychological or physical abuse but remain willing to cooperate with government
● I-360 petitions – VAWA petitions that lead to work permits and permanent
residency applications
● T-Visas – immigrant visas for victims of human trafficking
● Post-deportation – providing options following deportation, even when the odds
are against the client

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law’s Dedication to Communication

One area of emphasis at Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is the commitment to good communication with clients. Abogada Alexandra’s bilingual fluency in English and Spanish gives her an advantage in communicating with her clients.

The firm also makes it especially easy for clients to work with them, even remotely throughout the United States. As long as clients have access to telephones or video conferencing, they can meet virtually to assess and work on their cases.

Furthermore, each case is given the attention it deserves, and all are treated equally important. Any time a client emails, calls, or texts Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, they can expect to receive a response within the same day that they’re received.

The firm even uses social media platforms to educate suffering immigrants to get them the help they need. The social media presence advocates and brings awareness to the public about immigration issues.

Social media also helps Abogada Alexandra reach her clients easily and extend her services to those who might otherwise not find them. Both clients and potential clients can find her on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. There, she regularly creates content related to immigration law and her services.

Final Thoughts

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is dedicated not only to its clients but also to advocacy and compassion. Each case of immigration is treated with equal concern and importance. One of the highlighted perks of choosing this firm is that they have over a dozen years of experience in immigration law and repeated success on cases that other lawyers could not win.

Abogada Alexandra cares deeply about seeking justice for victims of human trafficking, victims of criminal activities, and others affected by immigration law. She brings creative solutions to the table and wins cases.

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