In her new capacity, effective June 30th, Ms. Rainville will oversee a…

In her new capacity, effective June 30th, Ms. Rainville will oversee all litigation for the SEC’s Philadelphia Office. Her duties will include planning and conducting trials of complex securities law cases, training and leading attorneys in the course of lengthy litigation, coordinating all cases in litigation with the other regional and district offices and Headquarters, and developing new programs and strategies to cope with emerging types of securities fraud in the region.

Ms. Rainville will also be performing the full range of supervisory duties, spanning staff appointments and promotions, staff training, and overseeing progress on particular litigation matters.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Ms. Rainville. “Schnader is a wonderful and special firm, and I would never leave, but this is something that I simply could not turn down. I will be doing complex securities and accounting fraud cases, which is the kind of work that I love most. And to be able to do that for the SEC is a great honor.”

Rainville, who won the American Bar Association Pro Bono Publico award in 1999 for her representation of Lisa Michelle Lambert, also noted that: “Public service has always been very important to me. In fact, I originally chose to practice at Schnader due to its strong tradition of public service, pro bono work, and its commitment to diversity.”

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