From Truck Driving to a New Lawyer

From Truck Driving to a New LawyerHe drove trucks and cars for 30 years, but now Ranjeet Grewal, at 54, is a lawyer in India and yet he dreamt of one day being a lawyer.  Now he is, as a 63-year-old young lawyer.  The Indian Express reports.

Ranjeet Singh Grewal, 54, one of the newly inducted lawyers into the Bar Council, was granted a licence on Wednesday. “I always wanted to study but due to family compulsions, I had to take up the job of a driver. But I was very sure that one day I will fulfil my dreams. I have two children, and both are medical students. Now they can proudly say that their father is a lawyer,” he said.

There were many like him at the Law Bhavan, Sector 37, on Wednesday evening who embodied struggle and determination to fight against all odds. Amarjeet Singh who was also awarded the licence has been typing writs of the lawyers for years and now he will practise the trade himself. “I always thought that one day I will also wear the black coat, and today I feel so great standing here amidst lawyers,” he said.

Sukhdev Singh Brar who retired from State Bank of India, Faridkot, said, “I am the youngest new lawyer here. I am 63 but will try and work like any other young lawyer.”

He added, “After retirement I joined law as a regular student at Panjab University. I used to attend classes with students who were even younger than my children. I wanted to work after retirement. What a better profession could be there than this wherein you can serve society?”

Harnek Singh, who worked for many years at the Chandigarh Secretariat, refused to take an extension as he wanted to practise law. “I studied law way back in 1982 but as I got in the service I could not pursue it. Now as I have retired, I will take up the profession and will try to contribute something to society,” he said.

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