Iron Twenty of The Twentieth Writer Hits the Thousandth Paper has never considered itself a mere paper writing service equal to countless companies that operate through the Internet. This is why when others report of their five thousandth paper is somewhat timid to report of its activities the same way as numerous paper mill services do. But today’s occasion is a special one for the company: a twentieth writer hit a thousandth paper last week, thus forming the core “iron twenty” of the company.

It is no secret that the job of a custom writer is an exhausting one and few can withstand its difficulties being a full-time writer more than several months. Out of around fifty thousand papers written in the walls of around two thirds were completed by part-time writers who also work as journalists, university professors and copywriters.

This is why it is especially important to to form its own “iron twenty” much like the famous Sacred Band of Carthage who were able to endure any opponent in battle and considered invulnerable. congratulates its twentieth veteran and encourages customers to trust their papers to the writing service that was able to aid more than 50,000 students in the last couple of years.

For more information on the news and services of the company, visit the website or contact the customer care center available online 24/7. is a custom writing company that offers the services of full- and part-time writers, researchers and editors to those students who need help with their academic assignments. provides numerous services from writing model papers to extensive theoretical help on the peculiarities of academic writing.

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