It was a four day dispute between the wife of jailed peer Jeffrey Archer and her former personal assistant. The judge urged both women to call a truce to their dispute.

The Judge ruled that Lady Archer, 58 was entitled to a wide-ranging injunction against Jane Williams, her employee for 13 years until November 2001, and damages of £2,500. He said Lady Archer was not “a public figure” whose activities could be scrutinised in the public interest.

Lady Archer alleged that Ms Williams, 49, was the indirect source of a Sunday Mirror story in February 2002 about a facelift and her friendship with Professor Stephen Feldberg.

Ms Williams, who was once described by Lady Archer as her “second skin, her mission control, her right hand”, accepted her former boss was entitled to an injunction but challenged its scope.

The judge said there had been a six-day employment tribunal hearing into Ms Williams’ claim of unfair dismissal and the current case.

“Despite the confines of the injunction, Ms Williams is still able to go on making hurtful public statements about Lady Archer, and Lady Archer, armed with this judgment and a likely costs order, can greatly increase Ms Williams’s present acute financial difficulties.

“Lady Archer and Ms Williams have worked together harmoniously and successfully for many years to their mutual benefit. I very much hope that in the aftermath of this trial, they are both able to arrive at some sort of truce.”

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