It’s Spitzer Again!

eliot spitzer's comebackFor a disgraced former New York governor and US attorney, Eliot Spitzer’s not doing so badly.

The high profile lawyer reached an equally high profile demise in 2008 after his patronizing of a high priced prostitution ring, the Emperors Club when he reportedly paid up to $80,000 for prostitutes over several years and hwile serving as New York Attorney General and then as Governor.

However despite his resignation that year he went on to become a columnist for Slate and became involved in philanthropic and pro bono legal work.

His media involvement with various organisations, public speaking and other activities once again heightened his profile and now he has the chance for a political come-back as well, with a poll showing Spitzer leading his rival in the Democratic primary, Scott Stringer, by 9 points in a runoff for the position of New York City comptroller.

Although many New York Democrats aren’t entirely convinced that Spitzer has turned over a new leaf with just 44 percent said he was “a changed man” and 67 percent saying he deserved another chance, and nearly that many said the prostitution scandal that brought him down was irrelevant now. A majority of Democrats thought he would do a good job as comptroller


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