Japanese Law Firm Enters The Opening India Market

Japanese Law Firm Enters The Opening India Market

TNY Legal is making history as the pioneering Japanese law firm to establish its presence in India, seizing the opportunity that emerged almost five months after the Indian legal market opened its doors to international players.

The India office for the Japanese law firmwill be dedicated to providing counsel to Japanese multinational corporations in relation to their operations within the country.

The focus areas will encompass regulatory investigations, liaison with government authorities for permits and licenses, corporate mergers and acquisitions, advisory services, contract drafting, resolution of labor disputes, intellectual property matters, and dispute resolution.

Yuji Tsutsumi, TNY’s co-managing partner, highlighted the distinct cultural and regulatory differences between India and Japan, as well as the challenges that Japanese companies often encounter when navigating the local legal system.

“India’s culture and customs differ greatly from those of Japan. Laws and regulations in India also differ from those in Japan in many respects, and Japanese companies in India sometimes have difficulty in understanding the unique local legal system and its operation, and face problems.”

The India office is Gurugram, a city adjacent to New Delhi that has rapidly developed into a prominent business hub in India, housing various multinational corporations.

TNY Legal’s announcement stands as a significant milestone, as it’s the first Japanese firm to unveil plans for an India office following the landmark decision by the Bar Council of India in March. The decision by the firm marked the opening of the Indian legal market to foreign law firms and lawyers, ending years of opposition from domestic legal entities.

In anticipation of a substantial increase in Japanese investment within India over the coming years.

The presence of Japanese legal professionals is expected to bridge the language gap and provide a nuanced understanding of inquiries raised by Japanese companies regarding Indian law.

In addition to its footprint in Malaysia, TNY Legal has a presence in 12 other countries, including but not limited to Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Estonia, and Mexico.

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