June 23, 2004 – LAWFUEL – Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security …

June 23, 2004 – LAWFUEL – Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security James Loy called on the National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) to continue “to work together as partners” and maintain “unprecedented levels of vigilance” in the ongoing war against terrorism. Adm. Loy addressed attendees last week at the 2004 Annual Conference and Exhibition of NCSC, the leading independent coalition resource of industry and government representatives combating all types of crime in the supply chain.

Adm. Loy emphasized that the terrorists’ “biggest ally is complacency,” because they have shown through attacks the past year in Madrid, Istanbul, Baghdad and Saudi Arabia that they are “adaptable, patient, and opportunistic.” “We must engage the entire country,” Loy told NCSC, because “Homeland Security is not a federal strategy; it is a national call to action.”

DHS and other agencies have initiated programs such as Operation Safe Commerce, Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, Container Security Initiative, as well as seeded programs to develop existing advanced security technologies, he said. However, with 85 percent of critical infrastructure in the United States owned by the private sector, Adm. Loy added that it is imperative that industry “share the costs” of additional security.

Working with government and industry, NCSC presents a credible voice on issues that affect transportation and security professionals. Leadership, service, continuing education, collaboration and results are the core values of NCSC. Membership has grown 740 percent in the past five years to 1,100.

This year, NCSC bestowed its annual National Leadership Award on Maj. Gen. Dennis K. Jackson, Director for Logistics, J-4, United States Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida (Ret., U.S. Army), who led the massive logistics efforts in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In accepting the distinguished award, which was given last year to Adm. Loy, Maj. Gen. Jackson stated that the logistics successes of recent conflicts would not have been possible without real-time visibility of Automatic Identification Technologies, especially active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), developed by the private sector.

Overseeing an area stretching from Kenya to Kazakhstan, and responsible for the movement of supplies in the first several months that could support the city of Denver, Maj. Gen. Jackson emphasized that “knowing the location of your stuff” was mission critical. He said that technologies enabling the military to gain near real-time visibility of its supplies, as well as research being conducted at the Oak Ridge National Research Laboratory, where he currently is Director for Logistics Transformation in the National Security Directorate, also have natural applications for the commercial sector.

Other awards and their recipients were:

— NCSC National Leadership Award – Rear Admiral Richard Bennis (USCG) Posthumously

— NCSC National Government Leadership Award – John Harris, Transportation Security Administration, DHS

— NCSC National Industry Leadership Award – Patty Senecal, Vice President, Transport Express; Scott H. Smith, President, Alpha Cargo Technology, Inc.; Western States Cargo Theft Association; Barry Wilkins, Managing Director, Managing Director, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc.

— NCSC National Law Enforcement Award (“Top Cop”) – Pamilia Stratton, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigations

— NCSC Special Leadership Recognition Award – Erik Hoffer, President, CGM Security Solutions, Inc.

— NCSC Lifetime Achievement Award – John Albrecht, Vice President, Transport Security, Inc.; Jim Harris, Owner, Jim Harris Investigations

— NCSC National Media Leadership Award – Joe Callahan, Ocala Star Banner (Ocala, FL); Tom Zambito, New York Daily News (New York City, NY)

— NCSC 1st Annual Award of Recognition – Outstanding Regional Council/Task Force – 2003; Florida Commercial Vehicle & Cargo Theft Task Force; Florida Sheriffs Association, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, Florida Highway Patrol, TOMCATS, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Motor Carrier Compliance

NCSC Chairman David Jones, V.P. of Loss Prevention and Security at Tommy Hilfiger USA, Inc. closed the conference by reminding attendees that the 2005 Annual Conference will be held May 13-18 in Orlando, Fla. He also announced the next NCSC event–the Security Technology Seminar in Linthicum, MD on July 18-20, 2004.

About NCSC

The National Cargo Security Council, based in Annapolis, MD, is a professional association of cargo-transportation and security professionals from the entire logistics spectrum: air, truck/rail, maritime and intermodal. NCSC members are committed to assuring the safe and secure movement of the nation’s commerce. For more information, please visit www.cargosecurity.com.

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