Justin Bieber’s Penis Video

Justin Bieber's Penis Video

Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest in Miami, along with additional charges, was one thing.  His penis video is to follow up his peeing video, which is a follow up to his push-up video which was, as TMZ announced, that Bieber’s a “hard mofo”, but now he’s also showing his badass tats, to quote TMZ again.

But now a “penis video?”  What more can be inflicted upon an unsuspecting public after the poster’s Miami disgrace?

So where does all this leave the troubled Canadian poster?  The pictures were released by the Miami Beach Police Department to show Bieber’s identifying marks.

The choice of the ink is between weeping Jesus and some “part Indian” (to quote Bieber this time) American head.

Then there are the two gold neck chains.

A Florida court technician has the job of blurring Justin Bieber’s private parts on jail video before you can see it.

The video will then be handed over to news organizations this week under Florida’s open records law, a Miami judge ordered Tuesday.

It’s part of several hours of video captured by surveillance cameras inside the Miami Beach Police Department’s jail, where Bieber was held after his arrest on DUI charges on January 23.

But wait – there’s more.  Now, as if all this was not enough following the DUI problems, we have a blurred image of the Bieber penis, which a court technician has the job of trying to blur prior to release.

The video is to then be released to media as Florida have kindly provided an open records law which covers hours of videos of inmates like Bieber and the penis (blurred) image is one that the Miami court finds “are relevant for the public’s right to know”.


The video segments to be released include a sequence in which Bieber “appears to be urinating” in a cell, “revealing an image of the defendant’s genitalia,” the judge wrote.

The court order, however, instructs the court’s video technician to blur “the image wherein genitalia is observed.”

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