The Key Warning Signs For Men’s Health Provided By Erectile Dysfunction

The Key Warning Signs For Men's Health Provided By Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a curse affecting a growing number of men, but it also signals other issues in the body
that should act as a warning.  New cures and treatment options, such as the natural “ED Protocol” system currently
marketed may help men with ED or with ED symptoms to deal with the issue effectively and avoid more than just erectile dysfunction.

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Some ED Facts

What is ED?  It is the inability to obtain an erection and is very common, affecting roughly half the men over 60
in western countries.  (Figures for third world countries will vary greatly and life expectancy is much lower too, thus affecting the comparative rates for ED).

How can ED be treated?

First, ask some key ED questions:

– what sort of lifestyle do you have??  Are you active? Do you smoke?  What is your diet? Do you have blood
pressure?  These are all key questions that relate to erectile dysfunction issues and suspceptability.

More sedentary lifestyles mean that in fact many sexual issues and ED-related symptoms are more emotional
than purely physical.

Blood Flow Issues

One of the matters closely connected to treatment systems like ED Protocol is the whole issue of blood flow.
When a major artery becomes blocked through high colesterol or high blood pressure and with ailments like
diabetes, there is frequently an erectile dysfunction side effect.

Just as major arteries become blocked so too do carotid artieries which take blood to the brain, which all point to the issues with penile arteries that are tiny (only 1-2 mm compared to around 5-7 mm for carotid artery sizes.

As a result, the penile arteries are extremely sensitive to blockage.

The vascular system in the body can be effected by something called endothelial dysfunction, which is an issue arising with the inner lining of our blood vessels.

This alters blood flow and can lead to clots and plaque that disturbs the blood flow and can
lead to atherosclerosis.

While many men will understandably indicate that erections are not as good as they used to be, the cause for concern is that this is often the beginning of ED and potentially more significant heart and blood flow problems leading to potential stroke and heart disease.

Both cardiac issues and ED have similar risk profiles made worse by the diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking
and obesity.

But these things can be fixed or modified by lifestyle and other changes and good ED treatment programs and even natural treatment options (like the ED Protocol system) can make very significant health and related benefits that can literally cure your ED issue and help with the wider, more significant health issues too.

Interestingly, the Framingham Heart Study, which has followed three generations of the residents of Framingham, Mass., has illuminated many issues about heart-disease risk, including the probability of ED rises over each decade of life starting at age 40.

The conclusion of the Second Princeton Consensus Conference on sexual dysfunction and cardiac risk reported: “The recognition of ED as a warning sign of silent vascular disease has led to the concept that a man with ED and no cardiac symptoms is a cardiac (or vascular) patient until proven otherwise.”

Studies show that men presenting with only mild ED have a significant amount of undiagnosed high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol, among other things. Men with mild ED, particularly if they are younger than 50, need to accept the warning of potential problems and be screened for cardiovascular risk factors and have those risks treated aggressively.

Erectile dysfunction should be seen as an issue affecting much more than just the penis.

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