KPMG’s law network is preparing for a re-brand. Its plan is to bring aboard a number of US ‘best friend’ firms. Sounds just like school. Have KPMG have anything to teach us here?

The network’s management has said it is currently searching for US members for its global network, with Philadelphia’s Pepper Hamilton — a referral partner of KLegal’s UK member McGrigor Donald — seen as the leading candidate.

Commenting on its US ambitions, one KLegal partner said: “We are looking at creating best friends agreements with one or more US firms. McGrigor Donald is still very friendly with Pepper Hamilton and it is a possible firm.”

KLegal has already talked to firms across America with a view to winning formal coverage in the East and West Coast legal markets, although the firm does not intend to finalise links with any US practice until its concludes its branding review.

The review of KLegal’s structure and branding, which was launched earlier this year by KLegal chief executive Robert Glennie, is expected to distance the legal network from its parent KPMG.
One partner Pepper Hamilton added: “We would be open to a relationship with KLegal.”

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