Las Vegas Short Sale

Las Vegas Short Sale 4 Me (, the website of Nevada Property Solutions, Inc, helps homeowners across Las Vegas with its short sale services.

Nevada Property Solutions, Inc, is a real estate investment company that specializes in buying over leveraged real estate. It provides solutions for homeowners and it provides a no-fee short sale negotiating service when buying pre-foreclosure homes.

Explaining, the spokesperson of Las Vegas Short Sale 4 Me had this to say, “Persons faced with the possibility of losing their home to foreclosure are unsure of the right option for them. Our website provides lots of information to help educate the homeowners of their different options. If property short saleis one of the considerations, we can be of great help.”

Short sales happen when the lender agrees to release their lien and allow the homeowner faced with foreclosure to sell the property for less than the amount owed on the home loan. People may decide to go the short sale route to avoid foreclosure, to avoid having ‘foreclosure’ mentioned in their credit report, when there seems to be no other solution available, or when all other solutions have failed.

The spokesperson for Las Vegas Short Sale 4 Me said, “a foreclosure will not only have an adverse affect on your credit, for many, it can be an embarrassing ordeal to have a foreclosure in the public records.”

Utilizing the short sale services offered by Las Vegas Short Sale 4 Me has an advantage that the short sale will not impact on the person’s credit as much negatively as a foreclosure will.

A property short sale will be a great help vis-à-vis foreclosure for those who are planning to rebuild their credit ratings and planning to become homeowners again in the future.

“Get in touch with us” advises the spokesperson of the website, “to find out whether you qualify for a short sale or not.”

The situation of every homeowner is different and will need to be evaluated accordingly.

“However,” says the spokesperson, “the three basic criteria are: you are behind on your payments or are about to fall behind; you have little or no equity in the property; and you are in a personal financial difficulty.”

Nevada Property Solutions, Inc does not charge the homeowners any fee for negotiating with the homeowners’ lenders regarding short sales. They work to show the lenders that they would be better off selling the home at a discount now, than taking the property back through a foreclosure auction.

As an investment company it negotiates with the lenders to buy the property at a discount. Because they are able to resell the property, at a later date, for a profit they do not charge any fees to the homeowner for their short sale services.

Visit to find out how Nevada Property Solutions, Inc can help you sort out your financial hardship through its short sale services.

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