Law Award Programs Website Launched

New York, New York: – A new website has been launched to provide a comprehensive listing of award programs in the profession of law. All of the most prominent award programs are detailed on the new site,, which seeks to present the universe of law awards that exist today in the United States. The purpose of the site is to encourage more lawyers and law firms to participate and encourage even greater perfection in the practice of law. Through the site, lawyers can match skills and accomplishments with the awards which are available.
Among programs that are featured on the website is The Burton Awards, a non-profit program founded by the Burton Foundation, rewarding excellence in the legal profession. The Burton Awards recognizes major achievements in law, ranging from literary awards to the greatest reform in law, from regulatory excellence to publishing awards, and from recognition for public service to public interest.
The new website features several dozen programs in fourteen categories, including: civil rights, education, e-lawyering, environmental, family law, general, legal writing, legal aid, advocacy, marketing, media, pro bono and women in law. The site is organized by profit or non-profit awards, features a program of the month, and offers advertising opportunities for programs, along with logo services and in-depth descriptions by calling Michelle at (212) 672-1862.

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