Law Firm Announces Pro Bono Investigation Of The Video Professor

Nassiri & Jung LLP Announces Investigation of Video Professor
Computer Lesson Vendor Sues 100 Anonymous Critics – Law Firm Counters by Offering to Represent Defendants Pro-Bono and Seeks Consumer Complaints

SAN FRANCISCO– LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire –Video Professor, the vendor of computer lessons pitched on late-night TV and infomercials, filed suit last month against its online critics, despite not knowing their names, according to San Francisco based law firm Nassiri & Jung LLP partner, Kassra Nassiri.

The lawsuit filed by Video Professor was described in a local media outlet as “a strange read, since it does not identify even a single false and defamatory statement.” Nassiri believes that the company may be seeking to stifle critical statements made by internet bloggers and posters. Not knowing who authored the allegedly defamatory statements, the suit “names” 100 “John Does” as defendants.

Law Firm Reacts

The Nassiri & Jung LLP law firm has its own reaction to this litigation – it has offered to possibly represent these bloggers and online posters pro bono. The firm is also accepting complaints from current and former Video Professor customers as part of the firm’s investigation into Video Professor’s business practices. The firm established a new website at, which consolidates information about the case and investigation. The firm also opened a hotline for this litigation at (800) 925-3134.

“We have been monitoring this company’s conduct for some time, and several consumers have approached us with complaints about their billing practices,” said partner Kassra Nassiri. Nassiri noted that in 2004, Video Professor settled a California class action suit alleging unfair business practices related to billing.

Nassiri continued, “Anyone in California who is concerned that they are being sued by Video Professor can contact us through the site, or call us directly. We are hoping to defend a number of these folks against this lawsuit free of charge.”

“We also want anyone in California who has had a troubling experience with Video Professor to contact us through the website or 800 hotline. We want to learn as much as possible about Video Professor’s business practices,” Nassiri concluded.

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