Law Firm Enters Fashion Business

Law Firm Enters Fashion BusinessLoganville, GA, November 03, 2013 — –– Oberman Law Firm is one of the limited number of law firms providing legal services to the fashion industry in the Southeast.
“The fashion industry has a need for attorneys who understand the legal issues facing the fashion industry,” said Stuart Oberman, whose experience in the fashion industry includes modeling, media, publishing, fashion production, branding and public relations.

“Our goal,” said Mr. Oberman, “is to provide extraordinary client service, along with our superior representation in order to ensure our clients achieve their goals.”

According to Mr. Oberman, attorneys in the fashion industry handle numerous matters in areas such as intellectual property, business law, licensing, contracts, textiles, merchandising and import/export. In addition, fashion lawyers also serve clients that range from retail stores, designers, manufacturers, modeling agencies, photographers, distributors, fashion editors, publishers, and beauty companies to fashion houses.

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