Law Firm Files Class Action Complaint Over San Francisco Oil Spill On Behalf Of Commercial Fishermen

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15 LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire — Audet & Partners, LLP, a San
Francisco-based, nationally recognized law firm that focuses on class
actions and complex litigation, announced today that it has filed a class
action complaint in federal court on behalf of commercial fishing operators who suffered economic injury as a result of the Cosco Bay Area Oil Spill of November 7, 2007. The plaintiff, Chelsea, LLC, is a family-owned commercial crab operation. The class damages are estimated in the hundreds of millions
of dollars.

“Our case is simple and straightforward: the defendants’ negligence
caused commercial fishermen and related operators to lose millions and
millions of dollars during this critical fishing season,” said William M.
Audet of Audet & Partners, LLP. According to Mr. Audet, “The reports over
the past few days clearly establish at least negligence on the part of the defendants.” Named in the lawsuit are Regal Stone, Ltd. and Hanjin
Shipping, Co., Ltd.

The law firm has been in communication with a number of potential class members regarding pursuing claims, and anticipates filing additional cases over the next few weeks. The Audet firm is considering seeking injunctive relief to force the defendants to place more resources into the clean-up effort. As attorney Audet noted: “My clients’ livelihoods have been
dramatically impacted — especially crab operations and others with very
short seasons.” Additional information about the case and Audet & Partners can be found at

The complaint is entitled Chelsea, LLC, on behalf of the Class v. Regal
Stone, Ltd., et al., Civil Action No. 07-5800 (Northern District of
Contact Information:
William M. Audet
Audet & Partners, LLP
221 Main Street, Suite 1460
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: 415.568.2555
Facsimile: 415.568.2556
(Assistant: Hannah Weinberg)

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