Law Firm ‘Fixer’ To Address Future Law Forum

Law Firm 'Fixer' To Address Future Law ForumHow can a struggling, or even a successful law firm, make itself better and more profitable?  Listening to an experienced and successful ‘fixer’ is one way.

If anyone knows the answer to that it may be lawyer and law consultant Simon McCrum, who is addressing the Future Law Forum at Millbrook Resort this October.

McCrum achieved success as a commercial litigator before launching the highly successful Connect2Law law firm network in Britain before guiding the reconstruction of a struggling law firm, Darbys, which has become a firm achieving year-on-year growth.

He has since lectured, written and worked on law firm marketing and management issues, including setting up the PurpleLegal brand which packages legal services and handles over 40,000 calls a year on over 100 different legal services.

The Future Law Forum is held in New Zealand on 19/20 October when Simon McCrum will share his insights into laying the foundations for easy and healthy business growth.

The Future Law Forum is a unique opportunity for New Zealand law firms to get the latest information about where the law is headed and some of the latest trends and developments affecting the way law firms can achieve growth in an increasingly changing and technology-driven world.

The early bird registration rate is open now, but closing soon.

Law Firm 'Fixer' To Address Future Law Forum






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