Law Firm Marketing and the Six Key Areas Firms Should Focus Upon

Dale Tincher and Tanner Jones discussed data-driven techniques that can help law firms to boost the number of cases they sign through their Internet marketing campaigns. The Best Law Firm Marketing Newswire Service – Law firms looking to generate more cases from their online marketing efforts should focus on six key areas that are data-proven to boost caseloads, members of the online legal marketing team told a group of personal injury lawyers during a special presentation at the recent M&L Summer Legal Forum.

Dale Tincher, the CEO and President of, and Tanner Jones, Marketing Director, led the presentation. It was held on the second day of the three-day M&L Legal Marketing and Management conference on July 11-13 at the Four Seasons Resort in scenic Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Web marketing experts focused on techniques in six areas that the company has used to help law firms grow their book of business:

Attorney bios
Google+ authorship
Live chat services
Long-tail search traffic
Remarketing of pay-per-click (PPC) ads
The law firm’s intake process.

“We understand how important it is for personal injury law firms in highly competitive markets to attain high search engine rankings. That helps potential clients find their websites. We realize that it’s equally important for website visitors to contact the firm and, if they have good cases, actually become clients,” Tincher said.

“We discussed how law firms can use these cost-effective techniques to improve their conversions. We were also able to share data that demonstrates just how effective these techniques can be.”

Tincher and Jones provided attendees with examples of three law firm clients. The data showed that the firms had obtained more than 20 cases per month from their websites at a search engine optimization (SEO) cost-per-case of under $275. One client had obtained cases from PPC at a cost-per-case of $750.

“This compares very favorably to most law firms’ cost-per-case from TV advertising, which can be more than $1,000 in some instances,” Tincher said.

“We also shared examples of clients who had gone from only a few cases per month prior to joining to a large number of cases per month after a year with us.”

J. Marshall Hughes and Lee Coleman, lawyers from the Kentucky and Tennessee personal injury law firm of Hughes & Coleman, are the founders of the M&L Legal Marketing and Management seminars.

The seminars are aimed at fostering the open exchange of information among personal injury law firms. They are limited to only one firm from each market.

Lawyers and legal staff from more than 24 states attended this year’s Summer Legal Forum.

“The Hughes & Coleman team always organizes outstanding seminars,” Tincher said. “It was a great experience to share our information with all of those in attendance. We also met with several clients and other lawyers who wish to improve their marketing ROI.” also participated in a panel discussion at the Summer Legal Forum, sponsored a dinner for attendees and held a drawing for two Apple iPads.

About, Inc., Inc., provides Web marketing products and services to law firms across country. The company’s offices are based in North Carolina (The Forum I, 8601 Six Forks Rd., Suite 400, Raleigh, NC, 27615) and Kentucky (114 Main Street, Berea, KY, 40403).

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