Law Firm Sees 400% Lead Increase in Only Three Months

Law Firm Sees 400% Lead Increase in Only Three Months The Law firm marketing news service – Every company has that one thing in which they specialize, be it design, food service, or real estate. IntelliBright specializes in utilizing online marketing tools to bring more customers to businesses and increase your sales. The total online marketing package is finely tuned to generate leads and turn clicks into sales, allowing companies to do what they does best.

IntelliBright has helped clients increase overall leads by as much as 400% and bring in substantial new revenue by utilizing powerful online marketing strategies. One of these companies, Wilson Brown, PLLC has been overwhelmingly happy with their decision to choose IntelliBright to manage their online marketing strategy.

According to Eric Wilson, Partner with Wilson Brown, PLLC, “IntelliBright optimized our online marketing strategy and increased overall leads by 400%. They are a web savvy team that understand metrics and provide a return on investment that is invaluable.”

Wilson Brown, PLLC is an independently owned law firm in San Antonio, Texas. This legal team hired IntelliBright to design a visually appealing website which represented their high level of professionalism and integrity. Their website needed to be more than just good looks, of course. It also needed to be powerful and capable of capturing leads automatically, allowing the legal team to quickly respond to potential clients and address their legal concerns.

“IntelliBright was founded to address the fact that most small to mid-sized businesses, regardless of their particular field of specialty, were struggling to understand and adapt to the new business paradigm centered around effective online marketing strategies,” explained IntelliBright founder and CEO, Ron Browning. “From devising and developing SEO and SEM strategies to frequently providing relevant quality content, IntelliBright partners with our clients to oversee their lead generation and conversion, from click to close.”

For Wilson Brown, PLLC, Intellibright’s expert team of designers quickly put together a visually appealing website optimized for lead generation and conversion. The website emphasizes the services offered by Wilson Brown, PLLC, specifically the areas of law in which they practice. Visitors to are never far from getting in touch with the legal team. IntelliBright websites always place contact information front and center, making it easy for visitors to reach out, thereby generating leads. On the backend, IntelliBright built an automatic web-to-lead process which hands new leads to members of Wilson Brown, PLLC and allows them to quickly get in contact with potential new clients. This powerful new website has enabled Wilson Brown, PLLC to dominate the San Antonio legal market.

The results speak for themselves. In only 3 months, IntelliBright’s online solution increased Wilson Brown, PLLC’s leads by 400%. After partnering with IntelliBright, receives, on average, 500 unique visitors each month and generates 460 inbound phone calls. This new website has gone beyond delivering leads to the door. This highly informational and service-centric website has also increased Lead-to-Client conversion by 25%. Wilson Brown, PLLC says they’ve seen record growth in their practice areas after partnering with IntelliBright. According to Eric Wilson, a partner with Wilson Brown, PLLC, “The past 3 months have been a record in the company’s 20 year history.”

About IntelliBright
IntelliBright was created to leverage enterprise level, online business practices to generate exclusive leads on behalf of our medium and small business clients across a wide variety of verticals. Our founder comes from a background where websites and online marketing programs utilize advanced analytics and conversion tactics to maximize revenue. Outside of these competitive industries, though, it’s rare to see the effective use of analytics and optimization that is the hallmark of a successful online marketing strategy.

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