Law Firm Sees Black-Clad Marchers Protesting at Sexual Harassment

Law Firm Sees Black-Clad Marchers Protesting at Sexual Harassment 2

Law students and others gathered in their black-clad #Metoo gear outside the Wellington office of law firm Russell McVeagh to vent their feelings regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

The large crowd, which marched to Midland Park in their ‘March on Midland’, outside the firm’s office where they staged a loud rally calling not only for an end to sexual harassment but for Russell McVeagh to be excluded from the all-of-government legal panel, among other things.

The NZ Herald reported that VUW Law Students Society vice president administration and equity Indiana Shewen said the march was about solidarity.

“We recognise that Māori, other ethnic minorities, gender and sexual minorities and people with disabilities are all impacted differently.

“Often young women are the victims, but this is not always the case – anyone can be a victim. Every story is important and we stand for all of them.

“It is clear that sexual assault and harassment are pervasive problems within the legal profession, and not limited to one firm.

“We are calling for an overhaul of this inadequate culture. We do not accept sexual violence in any form.”

The Wellington rally garnered enthusiastic rejection of sexual assault and harassment issues with students speaking about their need to enter harassment-free work zones.

The embattled law firm has seen growing opposition to the incidents that occurred two years ago, but the Law Society and others have also been criticised by womens’ law groups and others.

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