Law Firm Sets Up Major Data Privacy and Security Law Center

Law Firm Sets Up Major Data Privacy and Security Law Center

Akerman LLP, a top 100 U.S. law firm, is once again stepping outside of the traditional law firm box to develop new offerings that help clients solve their intractable problems.

The firm today announced the advent of the Akerman Data Law Center, a dynamic, technology-driven, data privacy and security law product. It is the most comprehensive inventory of U.S. data and privacy laws/regulations available on the market today. Its robust platform is structured to support clients across all industries that are vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny and cyber-attacks, including large enterprises in the retail, banking, insurance and healthcare sectors.


The proliferation of data privacy and security laws across the United States continues to accelerate in step with the increasing volume and mobility of corporate data and threats of data breaches. Companies and their compliance practices are increasingly scrutinized by regulators and other watchdog groups. This can quickly spiral into costly and reputation-damaging government enforcement actions and litigation exposure.


The challenge: In most areas of data law today, such as privacy, security and records retention, the number of relevant laws and regulations is too vast and fast-growing for any one client to cost-effectively maintain. It is essential for companies to keep pace with a rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape in order to effectively manage business, operational, and reputational compliance risks across diverse corporate functions and jurisdictions.


The Akerman Data Law Center equips clients with the tools they need to quickly and cost-effectively handle routine and straightforward issues in-house, allowing them to engage with their outside counsel in even more meaningful and effective ways. We estimate the Akerman Data Law Center will reduce the cost of traditional hourly lawyer rates by 80 percent, proving clients with concise and comprehensive knowledge, and the budget predictability they desire.


This is the first-of-its-kind data law product developed in collaboration with Thomson Reuters Managed Legal Services and Neota Logic to support the data law risk and compliance strategies of large enterprises. The partnership represents an opportunity to reengineer how legal services are delivered. Artificial intelligence and other non-traditional methods of delivering legal services are too often viewed as threats to the traditional law firm model. At Akerman, we see them as opportunities for our clients. If we can achieve a better result by partnering with another industry expert, the right answer is to partner. If we can automate a routine decision or document, the right answer is to automate. Client needs and client influence are guiding the development of the Akerman Data Law Center.

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