social-media-lawfuelLaw Firm Web Marketing and How To Use Social Media

Social media marketing has become taken center-stage for many online marketing strategies and any good law firm web marketing strategy should include the burgeoning social media network too.

But how can you best use it? And have you got the time?

The more important question is whether any lawyer can afford not to use social media as a center-piece for their online marketing.

As online marketing becomes more significant and pervasive, particularly with the growth of mobile devices, it will also become an essential ingredient in any law firm’s web marketing tactics.

An interview with a small Australian law firm that has successfully employed social media to develop their media- and tech-law firm, identified appropriately as “PodLegal”, shows how small firms can work with social media to develop clients and business.

They point out that “Pod” is also an acronym for “point of difference”. And having a “POD” is something all firms should look for in terms of their overall marketing plan.

Many lawyers express concern that the online efforts don’t pay dividends in terms of recruiting paying clients.

However the PodLaw effforts indicate the reverse. They claim they receive up to two or three new clients a week from their social media efforts.

PodLegal have offices in Melbourne and Brisbane and have around a dozen staff.
Doing trademark and copyright work, as well as work in the social media area. The firm embraces social media so they can become a ‘connected brand’.

The firms gets three or four clients a week through their social media engagement.
They cut through the marketing noise using cartoons, or “podtoons” as they call them.

Information-sharing and engaging with clients is one thing they spend a lot of time on.

Using social media as part of a law firm web marketing strategy is easy and even fun. Using a range of software and simply updating key social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, a task that can be readily delegated, can create new business in a manner that few other traditional marketing forms can achieve.



PrintHow Lawyers can Get More out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a tool any lawyer seeking to achieve more profile and higher rankings should be using.  The social medium for grownups is something that can create a virtual network of high value contacts – and clients.

But there are some rules about the way to do it.

Your Profile

You need to create a valuable profile that will make the most of who you are and what you do.  Complete the profile details completely, don’t skip over them or provide too little information.  Then claim your ‘vanity url’, which will have your name and details.

Include details about your particular skills and areas of practice, including appropriate awards or honors.

You’re wanting to present an accurate but at the same time highly credible face to your audience and if you want to attract new business, then why not explain what you’ve done in the past.

Complete the Contact Information Section

You need to make sure that you add your website details in the “contact info” part of the login and put in your website url.  You should also use an appropriate descrisptor for your site when possible.

Company Profile

Use a good social profile that makes the most of properly describing what you do and make sure other LinkedIn followers can find you.  You should also try and get recommendations for your firm and blog at this point.

When you provide blog details, your activity will be seen on personal feeds and all appropriate “likes” will similarly be displayed so your followers can see more and in turn attract more to your profile.

Make sure you use good keywords when completing your company description, including all your contact details, which is very important for the local search results.  And, of course, once again include your areas of practice and specialty.

Join Groups on LinkedIn

Obviously by joining LinkedIn groups you can network effectively and make more contacts.

By joining and – importantly – participating in the groups you will soon achieve a high profile that will increase your network and your online profile generally.

You can locate appropriate groups by doing a keyword search and joining your niche.

You can also post PMs to group members for further connections with relevant members or to continue a discussion or have a more business-related connection established.

Start your Own Group

By starting a group you create automatic authority in a particular area.  At the very least you should create a group for your firm.

When creating a non-firm group however,  you want to do some research to ensure you’re reaching an audience that will be useful.  Do some checking and work towards getting members.  A group with half a dozen members is a waste of time and hardly adds to credibility, after all.

However once started, you should make sure you have some good keywords in your group name and provide a good description about the group, along with rules about posting to it, spam etc.

Generate Good Connections

Among the ways to create more connectionis on LinkedIn are the following participating in discussions and writing recommendations or providing endorsements for other members.  You can also import contacts from your email.

Importantly, in order to create clients for your firm remember to stay focused on your area of expertise and contribute value to discussions.  You’ll be surprised at the feedback and the requests for connections as well as endorsements that you receive.

And then the clients . .

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