Law Job Site Reports on Shake Up in US Law School Rankings

Law Job Site Reports on Shake Up in US Law School Rankings 2

New law job website LawJob1 has reported on the major shakeup in the rankings of US law schools following a reassessment of the way the well known US News & World Report law school rankings are reported.

The USN&WR rankings have long been a staple for law school rankings, however their reworking of the methodology behind the rankings has seen some major upsets, such as the dropping of the prestigious Harvard Law School from the top of the rankings, LawJob1 report.

The top law school according to the 2023 ranking is Yale, followed by Standford and the University of Chicago while Harvard takes its tumble.

The full list of the top 14 can be seen at LawJob1, however the shakeup in rankings does not stop with the top 14, with the next list also shaking up the numbers and with numerous ties, including one, five-way tie for law school ranking.

And further down the list there have been more movement as AbovetheLaw has also reported, saying:

“The biggest winner here was Texas A&M, which moved up seven places in the 2023 law school rankings, propelling the school into the Top 50. The biggest losers here were Wisconsin and Boston College, with 14- and eight-spot drops, respectively. Whatever those schools are doing, they better shape up, because some have already been shipped out of the Top 30 . .”

So there is much to digest with the latest rankings and doubtless plenty of law school governors and directors furrowing their brows and wondering just whether the stats are right . . or not.

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