Law Technology – LegalShield Showcases New Technology at ABA TECHSHOW

CHICAGO—Executives from LegalShield, one of North America’s leading providers of affordable legal plans and the IDShield identity theft solution for individuals, families and small businesses, hosted an experiential legal technology workshop during the 2018 ABA TECHSHOW, held March 7-10 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. David Coffey, Chief Digital Officer, Keri Norris, Senior Vice President Legal & Regulatory Affairs and Chief Legal Counsel, and James Rosseau, Chief Commercial Officer, shared a high-tech, high-touch demonstration and presentation where they discussed technology as a key component to improving efficiency and ensuring equal access to legal services.

LegalShield is committed to providing its network of dedicated provider law firms and lawyers with education, support and collaboration, allowing them to focus on the practice of law, not administrative functions and client acquisition – two areas that factor into lawyers’ high billing rates. According to two separate studies by Clio and Lexis-Nexis, it is lawyers’ exorbitant fees that often keep new clients at bay. LegalShield’s provider firms gain clients through its vast subscriber base, reducing the number of hours typically spent on marketing and outreach. It is an optimized, yet scalable model that allows lawyers and citizens to both win.

“Surveys show that 88 percent of lawyers equate a successful law firm practice with client satisfaction ratings, but notably they also point to work-life balance as a key indicator as well. LegalShield is dedicated to helping lawyers elevate their practices, their businesses and their personal lives,” said Norris. “By improving our lawyers’ efficiency and capacity, we are realizing our commitment to providing equal access to legal services to all.”

LegalShield continues to raise the bar on leveraging new technology to remove common road blocks for consumers, and providing affordable access to justice for everyone. The recently updated mobile app puts the power of a law firm in the palm of your hand, giving more consumers access to valuable legal services on freemium platform. Key premium features include:

Snap a speeding ticket: In the event a member receives a speeding ticket, they can snap a photo of the ticket from their smartphone and send the image directly to their law firm for handling.
Prepare your Will: Designed with the modern smartphone consumer in mind, the LegalShield app allows members to begin the process of creating a Will on their phone by completing a questionnaire, then sending it directly to their law firm so it can be reviewed and the Will prepared by one of the firm’s lawyers.
Call your law firm: Members can take advantage of one-touch dialing to reach their law firm, as well as emergency access 24/7 if in the presence of law enforcement.
LegalShield also uses voice-activated virtual assistants for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing users to get information or advice about LegalShield services and legal issues.

“Technology provides an opportunity to use innovation and software to disrupt the legal services industry and help lawyers bridge the justice gap,” said David Coffey. “LegalShield continues to disrupt the legal services industry by developing innovative technologies that deliver easy and essential access to legal services, thus bridging the gap. Our commitment to providing affordable access to justice for everyone, will continue to drive us to improve and advance our offerings for years to come.”

About LegalShield

A pioneer in the democratization of affordable access to legal protection, LegalShield is one of North America’s leading providers of legal safeguards and protection against identity theft solutions for individuals, families and small businesses. The 45-year-old company has more than 1,751,000 members that are covered by its legal and identity theft plans. IDShield provides identity theft protection to one million individuals. LegalShield and IDShield serve more than 141,000 businesses. Both legal and identity theft plans start for less than $25 per month.

LegalShield’s legal plans provide access to attorneys with an average of 22 years of experience in areas such as family matters, estate planning, financial and business issues, consumer protection, tax, real estate, benefits disputes and auto/driving issues. Unlike other legal plans or do-it-yourself websites, LegalShield has dedicated law firms in 50 states and four provinces in Canada that members can call for help without having to worry about high hourly rates.

IDShield provides identity monitoring and restoration services and is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore a member’s identity.

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