– Hard on the heels of the inquest into the death of Anna … – Hard on the heels of the inquest into the death of Anna Nicole Smith comes the inquest into the death of her son, which has already been delayed due to legal issues over jury selection.

Attorneys met to discuss issues related to possible criminal liability for the death of Daniel Wayne Smith who died unexpectedly on September 10 2006 in a Bahamas hospital while visiting his mother and newborn sister Danielynn.

On Tuesday morning, lawyers, potential jurors, witnesses and the media assembled before Bahamian Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez in a modest courtroom to hear testimony surrounding the circumstances of Daniel Smith’s death.

The results of the official government autopsy are expected to be revealed during the inquest, but a private autopsy concluded that Daniel Smith died from a lethal combination of antidepressants and methadone.
Reports indicated that Daniel feared that his mother was being kept in a drugged state and that he came close to hiring a private detective to investigate her relationship with Howard K Stern.

California private investigator Jack E. Harding has revealed that Daniel came to him with his concerns three months before he died but never followed through on his plans to commission the detective.
In a private meeting, Daniel told Harding he feared his mother was being held “a virtual prisoner” in Nassau, the Bahamas by Stern, who was controlling her like a Svengali.

Following Daniel’s suspicious drug overdose death days after his baby sister was born, the private detective contacted Bahamian detectives.
He adds, “I told them of our discussions and Daniel’s concerns. They seemed interested.”

Gomez adjourned the proceedings and told prospective jurors and witnesses to return Thursday.

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