LawTunes announces the release of “Legal Holidaze,” the follow-u…

LawTunes announces the release of “Legal Holidaze,” the follow-up to the groundbreaking debut, “The Lawyer’s Holiday Humor Album.” Composed, performed, and produced by litigation attorney Lawrence Savell, the CD contains ten rockin’ holiday tunes taking on such subjects as lawyer marketing, continuing legal education, document review and production, expert witnesses, and bar exams.

October 15, 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, legal, attorney, law firm news— LawTunes proudly announces the release of “Legal Holidaze,” the new full-length album of hilarious original law-related holiday songs composed, performed, and produced by New York law firm litigation attorney Lawrence Savell. With a jacket design parodying a traditional legal hornbook treatise, the CD contains ten rockin’ holiday tunes taking on such subjects as lawyer marketing, continuing legal education, document review and production, expert witnesses, and bar exams.

“Legal Holidaze” includes “Rainmaker Reindeer” (The Lawyer Marketing Song), “Catchin’ CLE” (The Continuing Legal Education Song), “Billin’ On Christmas Eve,” “North Pole Bar Exam,” “A Million Christmas Trees” (The Document Production Song), “Surfin’ For An Expert Late On Christmas Eve,” “Santa And I Are Gonna Pull An All-Nighter On Christmas” (Live), “Bill Those Hours” (parody of “Jingle Bells”) (Live) , “Billin’ On Christmas Eve” (Live), and the title track, “Legal Holidaze.” The album is pure classic rock-and-roll, with driving rhythms and soaring harmonies reflecting the strong influence of the legendary Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys, and Jan & Dean — and a touch of Elvis.

Savell’s musical take on the legal world started with performances at the University of Michigan Law School’s “Law Revue” (alleged) talent show in the early 1980s. It continued with solo and in-house band performances at summer and holiday functions at his prominent Manhattan law firm, where his poking good-natured fun at lawyers and the legal profession was well-received and encouraged. Over the years he recorded many of these songs, producing vinyl records, cassette tapes, and then CDs which he gave each holiday season to family, friends, colleagues, clients, and people he met on airplanes. Preparing a commercial release was the natural next step.

Savell’s unique albums are dedicated to the proposition that lawyers’ zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness of lawyers to poke fun at themselves appropriately on occasion. They also hopefully contribute to the effort to make people think a little differently about lawyers, and show that attorneys are not necessarily humorless, boring, or incapable of self-deprecation (success on at least the last item is guaranteed).

His philosophy also emphasizes that lawyers and other people really need to take the time to pursue their “after-hours” dreams, despite the increasing pressures, longer work days (and nights), and other factors that may make them think it is impossible — and no matter how unrealistic or unlikely realizing those dreams may be. Being able to enjoy or express ourselves or just blow off steam ends up making us happier, and thus better, at whatever we do that actually pays our bills.

“Legal Holidaze” and its predecessor, “The Lawyer’s Holiday Humor Album” can be purchased direct at, and selected other on-line and catalog vendors. Clips of the songs can be heard at as well. The CDs are the perfect gifts for lawyers, law students, law professors, and the people who work with, live with, know and/or love them. They’re also a great choice for law firm, corporate legal department, or other office or law school holiday party giveaways and client or staff holiday gifts. Special deals on large volume purchases and competitive reseller discount pricing are available upon request.

In summation, LawTunes albums are an appealing treat all year round. And they’re perfectly legal!

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