Lawyer Aces Kyrgios in Defamation Lawsuit

Lawyer Aces Kyrgios in Defamation Lawsuit 2

Tennis star Nick Kyrigios’ claim that a Wimbleton spectator was “drunk out of her mind” has resulted in a case of mistaken identity in the sense that the spectator was neither a drunk, nor unready for a real case – specifically a claim for defamation.

Anna Palus is a 32 year old Polish medical lawyer who said after the tournament that although she was “not litigious”, Kyrgios had “made a reckless and entirely baseless allegation against me” and she had “no alternative” but to sue him for defamation to clear her name.

Palus was temporarily removed from Centre Court during the Grand Slam final after Kyrgios accused her of having “700 drinks” in a complaint to the umpire in July 2022.

“Mr Kyrgios’s false allegation was broadcast to, and read by, millions around the world, causing me and my family very substantial damage and distress”, she said.

Kyrgios’ complaint came in the third set of his final against Novak Djokovic, when he singled out Ms Palus for “distracting me when I’m serving in a Wimbledon final”.

“There’s no other bigger occasion, you didn’t believe me and then she did it again. It nearly cost me the game”, he told the umpire. “Why is she still here? She’s drunk out of her mind and speaking to me in the middle of a game. What’s acceptable?”

“I told the umpire that a fan, who I now know to be Anna Palus, was distracting me during the match, believing that she was drunk”, said the world number 22. “I accept that belief was mistaken, and I apologise”.

Now Kyrgios has settled that lawsuit by making a £20,000 charitable donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, a charity chosen by Ms Palus”, he said.

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