The Entrepreneurial Lawyer Who Created His Own Business – Lawyer News – In a down law market it can be tough for lawyers to make their way in the world, which is why Eli Broverman set up his successful online investment firm Betterment after leaving his corporate law job.

Broverman left the “mother ship” of his corporate law firm to start a new business in the securities area.

Betterment is an online, goal-based investment account.  It is a personalized account, simple to use and is about handling personal goals for financial achievement.

He practised for two years and accumulated securities law experience and wanted to do something entrepreneurial, which he did with his new company.

It take the information and tailors a portfolio for your needs but providing high level financial investment.  It charges between .15 per cent, perhaps a tenth of the cost of a traditional money manager

The Bloomberg “Stealth Lawyer” website provided by Bloomberg highlights the involvement of Eli Broverman, co-founder of the website and former corporate lawyer.

Broverman practised in securities law and decided business was his deal rather than the law firm and Betterment has been an award-winning start-up that shows what some lawyers with an entrepreneurial bent can do.

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