Lawyers By The Thousand Move to Have Josh Hawley & Ted Cruz Disbarred

Josh Hawley

Kathryn Rubino – After the events of last week, the political fates of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz will forever be intertwined. The pair of senators have superficial similarities in their resumes — each attended an elite law school on their way to becoming Republican senators — but their personal quest for power and acclaim has cemented the duo.

You’ll recall, even before the coup attempt turned violent, they were busy trying to subvert the will of the people by leading the effort to object to the electoral college… a move that was scorned by fellow alums of Harvard and Yale Law. But that wasn’t the end of Hawley’s and Cruz’s petition problems — another one is make the rounds.

The latest legal industry petition was drafted by Yale Law School students and it’s seeking the disbarment of Hawley and Cruz. The petition went live on January 8th, and already some big names, including Senator Russ Feingold, former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter, Harvard Law Professors Laurence Tribe and Michael Klarman, retired U.S. Court of Appeals Judge H. Lee Sarokin, and prominent activist Valarie Kaur, have signed on.

Source: AbovetheLaw

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