Leading US Transcription Company Completes Six Years of Providing Quality Service

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Transcription Star, Number One US Transcription Company, now completes six years of existence. Transcriptionstar has been providing voice to text, speech to text and video to text services since its inception in 2004, a time when transcription services was relatively a new concept. In these past years, transcription star has come a long way and is now a leading provider and “go to” source for any transcription service like legal transcription, medical transcription, academic transcriptions etc.
Transcription is basically the process of converting any spoken matter into text. The spoken matter can be in the form of an audio or video. Many times the quality of the sound recording will be deficient either due to the inferior quality of the recorder or due to disturbances in the recording. This causes a lot of hindrances in accurate transcriptions. Also the different accents and dialects of the speakers can affect the accuracy of the transcripts. Expertise in handling different case scenarios is one of the major assets of transcription star.
The transcriptionists at Transcription Star are highly trained and can transcribe text irrespective of the type of audio/video recording and accent of the speakers. Years of experience have given us the confidence to handle even the most complex of transcriptions with complete accuracy and quality.
Our experience has taught us that customers value privacy very highly. We now provide our customers with the facility to upload their audio/video files directly onto our server. Our file transfer facility (FTP) is HIPAA compliant, which ensures that the data transfer is completely secure and confidential. You can also send us your recording in non-digital formats as we have the technology and the know-how to convert any non-digital medium and provide precise transcripts.
In any business, time has utmost significance. Business houses need not spare the quality time of their employees to do in-house transcriptions. Transcription star provides its transcription services at such reasonable rates that it makes in-house transcription redundant. Our turnaround time is much faster than that of most transcription companies and this ensures that customer requirements are met on-time every time.
Our customer service policy is one of a kind as we provide our quality services round the clock, throughout the year.

Transcriptionstar Transcription company USA offers best Transcription
services ranging from audio/ video transcription to Interviews, Media, Podcast, Business, Technical, Legal and Interview transcriptions. Call transcriptionstar on toll free 1-877-323-4707

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