Legal professionals now have a comprehensive and current resource to t…

Legal professionals now have a comprehensive and current resource to turn to for the latest developments in the rapidly developing area of privacy litigation. West, a Thomson business today announced the release of Privacy Litigation Reporter, an Andrews publication. This monthly reporter offers comprehensive coverage of significant litigation involving privacy laws.

Privacy Litigation Reporter covers a wide range of topics, including Internet, financial, medical and workplace privacy issues; identity theft; marketing and advertising issues; and homeland security. The publication is essential for any law firm that has a privacy practice group or attorneys who practice in the fields of employment, computer and online, e-business and health law.

“Attorneys need to be sure they have the most up-to-date information when they advise their clients about privacy issues,” said Donna Higgins, editor of Privacy Litigation Reporter. “This new publication will provide attorneys with a single source for all the news they need to stay current in this fast-changing and ever-expanding area of law.”

While other publications cover only court rulings or one area of privacy law, Privacy Litigation Reporter contains news stories and commentary by outside attorneys analyzing specific cases or issues in privacy law, in addition to full-text reproductions of the most significant court filings and rulings addressing all aspects of privacy law.

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