Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney News from James E Blatt Law Office

Lawfuel.com – The Los Angelese criminal defense law firm of James E Blatt has over 75 years of combined criminal law experience. The team of attorneys at the Law Offices of James E. Blatt have dedicated themselves to providing the best criminal defense available to those under investigation or prosecution for state and federal offenses.

Led by James E. Blatt, the staff of attorneys, investigators, researchers, and administrators is committed to superior performance and results, earned through tireless effort and the highest ethical standards.

The law firm operates from two Los Angeles locations, in Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, are devoted exclusively to criminal defense throughout California and the United States. Using the latest technology, scientific techniques, research databases, and investigation, we are prepared for an immediate and effective response to any urgent crisis.

The James E Blatt teamwork approach with highly skilled trial attorneys allows us to help our clients address their specific needs with creative problem solving and prompt resolution. We possess the experience, knowledge, and diversity to rise to any legal challenge.

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