Low Voltage Servomotor Driver Evaluation Board

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has announced the release of a low voltage servomotor driver evaluation board designed for high performance DMC systems. The servomotor is based on Texas Instruments’ TMS320F2812 DSP. It is part of a reliable and fast servomotor driver solution that consists of three parts: the EVM2812 board (DSP part), this LVD (driver part) and the IB2812 (interface part). The evaluation board directly connects with one or two DC brush/brushless servomotors, AC asynchronous motors, AC permanent-magnet synchronous servomotors or stepper motors to form a digital servo-motion control system.
This low voltage servomotor driver evaluation board, model MCK2812, uses a 24 to 80VDC power supply offering a maximum peak value of current 10A and an output power of up to 400W. It provides on-board precise resistors to perform three-phase current sampling guaranteeing accuracy, an on-board filter to reduce EMI interference according to the FCC-15 standard, and an on-board 30W rebounding power switch to supply large current safely. The servomotor driver evaluation board is equipped with a special driving chip and a 20A-200V MOSFET tube protecting against over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and over-heating, an input interface for incremental photoelectric encoder signal and Hall sensor signal, and a feedback interface for current/velocity/position feedback loop. It also offers a PWM frequency of up to 40kHz.
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