Lucky to be Alive: Car Accident Heroes

Lucky to be Alive: Car Accident Heroes

Life is full of everyday heroes. They don’t get medals or prizes and sometimes they don’t even get noticed. However, good Samaritans save lives all over the country by intervening in the aftermath of accidents, alerting authorities, moving injured people out of the wreckage, and administering first aid. Sometimes even offering a cell phone to allow a person to call for services can save a life. Here are a few everyday heroes that saved lives after a car accident.

Miami Bystanders

Drivers on a freeway in Miami stopped to help Pamela Rouseau resuscitate her 5-month-old nephew, Sebastian, who had stopped breathing. While she attempted CPR, bystanders stopped to help, alerted authorities, and helped keep Ms. Rouseau calm.

The baby survived and is listed in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The dramatic rescue was captured on camera by a local news team, showing how everyone came together to help Ms. Rouseau save her nephew.

The Rescue of Maria Spear

On a cold December morning in New Jersey, Ms. Spear was driving around 3 a.m. and fell asleep. Drivers saw her car leave the road, hit trees nearby, and then catch fire. They acted quickly to pull her out of the car and alert fire and police.

Ms. Spear survived and was in good condition later that morning, although she sustained multiple injuries.

Bystanders Rescue Crash Victim in Macomb

An elderly couple was pulled from a rollover car crash by bystanders in Macomb near Oakland Township. Bystanders who witnessed the crash rushed to aid the elderly couple, pulling them out of the car, giving first aid and alerting police and first responders to the scene.

The quick, decisive actions of the good Samaritans has helped restore faith in humanity, according to people interviewed for the article. Certainly no one was more grateful for their intervention than the couple themselves, who fully recovered.

Texas Pickup Truck Crash Kills One, Three Saved

In Houston, a passerby witnessed a truck full of people veer off the road into a grassy median and collide with a concrete pillar, then catch fire.

The driver was killed immediately, and three passengers were injured. The bystander pulled the three passengers out of the fiery wreckage and contacted authorities. Another person was thrown from the truck bed on impact but not seriously injured. While the driver was killed, it’s quite likely that the three other passengers owe their lives to this good Samaritan.

Car accidents are very common, and some can have a deadly impact. Fortunately, there are often people who are willing to help, and without these good Samaritans, there are certainly some accident victims who would not have survived.

Good Samaritan laws exist in almost every state to protect rescuers from liability against any harm or property damage they may have caused during the rescue, as long as they acted in good faith. This is to keep from discouraging such life-saving assistance and allow heroes like these to save lives whenever necessary.

Author Bio – Teresa Stewart is a blogger who regularly researches car accidents. 

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons


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