Why do so many criminals seek pardons for their crimes

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When you have been convicted of a crime in Canada, he is left with a criminal record. Regardless of whether the person has actually committed the crime or not, a conviction means a criminal record, which can place some serious limitations on daily life. A pardon, drafted with the help of organizations such as www.pardonapplications.ca ,can lift those limitations and allow the pardoned person to truly get a second lease on life.

Let’s look at some of the particular limitations that having a criminal record can impose, in order to better understand why so many people go through the lengthy process of getting a pardon.

Employment opportunities

When you apply for a job, many potential employers will do a criminal background check as part of the hiring process. If you have a criminal record, that will almost certainly be a red flag for an employer, particularly if you are applying to work in certain sectors. If you are pardoned, your criminal record will not show up in a background check unless you are applying to work in a vulnerable sector, such as with children, and your crime is of a sexual or violent nature.

In addition, if you are up for a promotion at work, your personal character is a big determining factor in being chosen to move up the ladder. If you have a criminal record, it’s a definite point against you. On the other hand, if you have received a pardon for your crime, your record cannot be held against you.


A criminal record is a heavy chain that will keep you tied to your life inside Canada’s borders. You can be denied a travel visa to a foreign country if it is discovered that you have a criminal record. When you receive a pardon, you cannot be denied a visa on the basis of your conviction.


If you are applying to become a Canadian citizen, the Canadian government will likely reject your application if you have a criminal record. Being turned down once makes it much harder to successfully apply in the future. Applying for a Canadian pardon before you apply for citizenship is a much better strategy.

Custody disputes and adoption

A lot of what goes into a custody dispute is a matter of the character of the parties involved. If you have a criminal record, the opposing parent can use that against you in court, as a reason to deny you custody. If you have a pardon, your criminal record cannot be used against you in this regard.

Similarly, if you are seeking to adopt a child, your chances are dramatically reduced if you are found to have a criminal record. In fact, many agencies will flat out refuse to allow potential parents with a criminal record to adopt a child.

Therefore, there are many great reasons why those with a criminal record regularly seek out a Canadian pardon for their crimes. The process can be tedious, but the freedom that will be afforded to you if you are successful in your application is well worth it.



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