Marines Being Educated By Motorcycle Simulator After Record Fatalities

March 19, 2009

According to reports by motorcycle lawyers in Los Angeles, California, after the lost in the past year of more soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors to fatal motorcycle accidents, they now have simulation training for riders. During the past year according to the Marines there have been more Marines killed in fatal motorcycle accidents than killed in the War in Iraq. To combat this the Marine Corps air station in California have begun educating Marines in motorcycle safety. They now have a new state of the art motorcycle simulator that has the capabilities of simulating speeds up to 120 miles per hour.

According to Corporal Christian Bramsted, there are Marines that are purchasing motorcycles without knowing how to ride them. This simulator will show them what they are getting into when getting a motorcycle. There are Marines that are taking of on rides that are turning deadly, last year the fatalities were as many as a whole platoon according to Master Sgt. Christopher Toten. This will be a new learning tool for Marines that want to learn to ride motorcycles with the simulator.

Marines using the motorcycle simulator can do so in different situations that include weather, traffic, different events and different times of the day. The virtual simulator can be set for situations that are hazardous or dangerous to motorcycle riders. Where the Marine motorcycle riders can train according to Todd Roberts of the Simulator Systems International, with the exception of the motor and wheels.

The Marine Corps have required that any Marines that want to ride motorcycles must take a mandatory basic riding course and now it is also a requirement for riders to train with the simulator. They have also recently added a second course for Marines that ride sport bikes. If a Marine is caught riding a motorcycle without this training even while on leave faces punishment from the Marine Corps. If you are a Marine injured in a motorcycle accident, motorcycle injury lawyers can help at 633 W. Fifth St., 28th Fl. Los Angeles, CA, 90071 USA.

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