Massachusetts Personal Injury Firm Opens New Office

Massachusetts Personal Injury Firm Opens New Office

Schneiders & Schneiders, experts in the personal injury law field, will be opening a third location in Quincy, Massachusetts in addition to its two existing offices in Canton and Boston, respectively, in order to better serve clients.

Schneiders & Schneiders, a prominent personal injury law firm operating in the south eastern Massachusetts area, is opening a new law office in Quincy, Massachusetts in order to better serve clients. The law firm has been serving families and business clients in Massachusetts for decades and has existing offices in both Canton and Boston. The Quincy office will provide greater convenience for clients in proximity who wish to seek competent, trustworthy legal advice and counsel on personal injury law matters.

Paul Schneiders, founder and partner at Schneiders & Schneiders, has been practising law in Norfolk County since 1969. Along with his son and partner Robert Schneiders, who joined the firm in 1996, Paul Schneider built Schneider & Schneider by providing outstanding personal attention to each and every client. At Schneiders & Schneiders, clients can expect open and honest communication coupled with clear explanations and the best possible legal representation for their personal injury law case.

“At Schneiders & Schneiders, our ultimate focus is always on the big picture,” commented Paul Schneiders

“While we don’t have the litany of lawyers some of the larger firms have, we more than make up for our size through the depth of our experience and legal knowledge. Dealing with Schneiders & Schneiders for your personal injury law cases, you are guaranteed fair and competent legal representation from industry-leading lawyers who will treat you with respect and competently represent your best interests. We hope that through opening this new office in Quincy, we can expand our successful practice and provide the best possible legal representation for personal injury law cases to a greater number of people in the Massachusetts area.”

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About Schneiders & Schneiders

Schneiders & Schneiders operates throughout south eastern Massachusetts, representing families, individuals and businesses on a variety of legal concerns and specializing in personal injury law.

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