Men Sentenced Following Terrorism Courst Case in Australia

(LAWFUEL) – Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police have acknowledged the sentencing of the seven men involved in the terrorism trial which was held in Melbourne last year.

Operation Pendennis, the court case which was heard over eight months found seven men guilty of a variety of terrorism offences. Those men have now been sentenced to a total of more than 47 years (non parole period).

This prosecution was the result of a successful joint operation between Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and supported by other jurisdictions and agencies, including the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. This lengthy and complicated investigation involved a large number of people across many organisations. Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies continue to ork cooperatively in relation to counter terrorism investigations.

The community can be assured that Australian law enforcement agencies continue to work collaboratively and take the necessary and appropriate action to protect our communities from a terrorist attack. We are committed to building trust and confidence between law enforcement and the community. We have developed close links with many sections of our community over a number of years. Dedicated Multicultural and Community Liaison Officers are responsible for forging those close links and the regular contact they have with key members of our communities has resulted in mutual trust and confidence being developed. Due to legal issues regarding other pending court cases we are unable to provide any
further comment at this time.

Police continue to encourage the public to contact Crimestoppers – on 1800 333 000 – or the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400 – to report suspicious activity.

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