Metrolink Panel Releases Safety Findings Amid Chatsworth Metrolink Crash

Metrolink Panel Releases Safety Findings Amid Chatsworth Metrolink Crash
December 14, 2008 (by Otto Smyth)

According to reports by personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, an investigation that has been done has found that there are several improvements that need to be made on every level. The review was ongoing for two months of the five county Metrolink commuter trains and what was found is there is a greater need for safety. This includes overseeing contract employees, these employees can be found in several positions including engineers. It has also been found there needs to be more involvement of the board members and was critical of the current management practices.

In the findings it was found that Metrolink needs to upgrade all of their monitoring of critical workers, this involves engineers and conductors; this should include frequent testing and live video monitoring. It was also found their record keeping system also needs updating as it now prevents the identifying of problems with employees.

According to board member Richard Katz who was one of the members who pushed to have the Peer Review Panel has stated this will give Metrolink the chance to move forward with the sixteen year old company. Katz also stated that they want to be the leaders when it comes to safety for their passengers.

David R. Solow the Metrolink executive director has not made any statements other than to state this is what he will do, speaking of the Peer Review Panel findings.

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