The Benefits of A Military Role For Lawyers

The Benefits of A Military Role For Lawyers

Captain Fraser King’s experience in the New Zealand Army Reserve has proven invaluable to his career in civil litigation.

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A NZ Herald report on the lawyer’s legal career showed that since joining in 2005, the training he received, including managing a hypothetical armed rebellion, has equipped him with robust problem-solving skills and a strategic approach that he has successfully applied to his role as a partner at Hamilton-based McKenna King Dempster, a litigation boutique.

King emphasizes that military strategies, particularly in leadership and problem-solving, inform his method of handling cases and striving for favorable outcomes in court.

His military service has also honed his abilities to assess cases efficiently, manage high-pressure situations, and understand his own and his team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Beyond his legal work, King has been actively involved in national emergencies and disaster responses. His experiences underscore the benefits that military training can offer to legal professionals.

Lawyers working in the military in different jurisdictions are common with many lawyers who are trained as soldiers andwho provide legal advice to military personnel and their families, and may also participate in overseas training opportunities and exchanges with military lawyers from other countries.

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