Mills Counseling Services: Reuniting Relations

The 20th century has completely reversed the nature of priorities, in order to sustain a decent level in society one has to constantly pace himself with competition all around. The stress and pressure caused due to these issues can lead to actions with irreparable consequences in one’s personal and social life. We at Mills counseling services offer counseling in varied domains provided by some of the best therapists in Louisiana.

Often we do not realize the source of our problems in handling relationships; as we never focus on knowing ourselves too well. An ordinary man/woman is busy throughout the day working and subjecting to ones respective responsibilities. What we do not understand is how our day to day experience with different people and instances affects our nature of behavior. This leads to several issues and conflicts in a couple.

The most common symptoms being Feeling Distant, Frequent Arguments, Poor Communication, Increase in Anger, Resentment or Bitterness, Lack of Affection, Feeling that Problems Never Get Resolved, Infidelity (Emotional/Physical).

Sometimes bonding and being intimate in marriage over a long period of time can be difficult, we feel a sudden shift of emotions and find it hard to communicate, speak or understand each other freely. Not knowing what establishes this gap makes it even harder to solve the issue. At this point it would just feel amazing to go back to the time when everything was fine and being with each other was the only thing you would ask for. To rekindle this spark back in your lives we have different counseling session and varied therapies to sort out differences and work on them to build a stronger relationship for a happily ever after.

For the same reason we at Mills counseling services have spent humongous amount of time and effort in understanding the physics of maintaining the psychological, social and cultural balance of an individual. Our entire process is structured and engineered under the observations of licensed therapist in Lafayette Louisiana. We see to it that our modalities and therapies alter as per our client’s nature. Having flexible shifts for daytime, evening and weekend appointments according to your convenience, we also provide both male and female Counselors according to your comfortability and fix an appointment to a new client within three days. For more information kindly visit our website at

Our methods provide flexible and rapid results. Scheduling counseling in a completely safe and non-judgmental atmosphere and personalizing sessions according to your schedule and personality. At our site we also provide a free link library, providing links to different sites that mite be helpful to you, we also have a section dedicating to downloading different articles posted by various candidates and some by our very own Lafayette, Louisiana Counselors. Along with these provisions we also have online forms, services and questionnaires that help us study your case in higher details.

The founder of Mills counseling services, Mr. Jerome mills; a master in the art of psychotherapy in different domains, with an experience of 15 years who has worked at different levels and in varied environments, is a profound Lafayette Louisiana social worker. Carried all his experience and shaping brick by brick to derive one of the best counseling centers for marriage counseling family therapy and Couples Counseling in Lafayette, Louisiana.

To define our objective at Mills counseling services is to restore complete wellness in all your relationships making a much better and content society.

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